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Integrity Room Systems can meet a wide range of containment situations from design build data rooms, private and public work, including government facilities, retail, health care, city and state, academic.

We provide creative and practical solutions to 360 Degree Sealing, from Fire and Acoustical Caulking, Door Treatments, CMU Sealing, Acoustical Ceiling Treatments, Draft Stopping, and Drywall. We ensure draft containment for your Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. New installs to retro fits, and annual audits we can meet your 360 Degree Sealing contracting needs.


Fire Suppression Room Sealing


How can our work not only provide assurance of a functioning fire protection system but provide savings to the customer?

Savings will be achieved by controlling the heating and cooling aspect of a given area. Data rooms are under constant temperature and air control. Not having a 360 Degree Sealed area is the same as running the air-conditioned with a window wide open.